Tour the  Old Gaol

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like in the 1800s to have been charged, found guilty and ordered to serve your sentence in jail? Or maybe your crime was that of a debtor. Regardless, our guided tour of the Old Gaol cells at the Charlotte County Archives will make you certain that you wouldn't have liked the experience.

Here is a unique opportunity to tour a gaol that was built in 1832 but was still being used until 1979. When you walk into the cold, damp air of the cell block, and look into the tiny cubicles, with their open slits in the wall, you will find it hard to believe that even criminals were housed in such conditions.

Our tour guides know all the interesting tales about the Old Gaol...there were hangings and in a more recent time a wedding. Perhaps you will be one who feels the presence of the resident ghost.  You may find it hard to believe...but truth, they say, is often stranger than fiction.

From June to September the Archives provides regular tours of the Old Gaol and the Courthouse.