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Heritage Homes Tour

Charlotte County Archives Launches Third Annual Heritage Homes Tour


The Charlotte County Archives is delighted to announce that on Saturday, August 13, from

1 PM to 4 PM we will be holding our Third Annual Tour of Heritage Homes in historic St. Andrews


This summer we are showcasing five wonderful heritage homes including:  the Pansy Patch on Carleton, theGeorge Horne Russell House on Joe’s Point Road, a nineteenth-century Greek Revival house on Sophia, a turn-of-the-century shingle style home on Montague and a return visit to the St. Andrews Land Company Building on Water Street.


Tickets are on sale now and expected to go quickly at Scotiabank locations in St. Andrews, St. Stephen and St. George; Westminster Books in Fredericton, and Handworks in Saint John.  Tickets are $25.  Homemade baking and refreshments will be served from 3 PM to 5 PM at the Anglican Church Hall. 


Please join us and see for yourself some of the exquisite built heritage of our Loyalist Town.



                     (click poster to enlarge)