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ST ANDREWS – The time… June 1942…and Charlotte County is rocked with what was described as “one of the most gruesome crimes in the history of Charlotte County”. The charge: murder; the victim: nineteen year old Bernice Connors; the outcome later that fall: the first hanging in Charlotte County in sixty-five years. From June until December of 1942, the St. Croix Courier carried this story.

The time …August 2015 …and nearly three quarters of a century later, the Charlotte County Archives is staging a dramatization and holding court on the trial of British Airman, Sergeant Thomas Hutchings - accused with the murder of Bernice Connors of Black's Harbour. 

International playwright and Director, Bill Breuer, has penned the dramatic court scene of the trial and three evenings and one afternoon have been set aside to take you back to that time in 1942. Court is “in session” on the evenings of August 13th, August 14th, and August 15th, at 7 PM at the Anglican Parish Hall, 75 King Street in St. Andrews, NB and again on August 16th for a 2 PM Matinee in the same location. Mark your calendar. 

Tickets are $10.00/ person.

This production is recommended for an adult audience. Tickets are now available at the Charlotte County Archives at the Old Gaol on Frederick Street in St. Andrews or online by Paypal at our web site: www.ccarchives.ca/play

You won’t want to miss this dramatization.