The Old Charlotte County Gaol

A Provincial Heritage Site

Visitors are invariably impressed by the ‘Old Gaol’ (1832-1979), its atmosphere and this harsh view of what life in prison would have been like.

The Old Gaol was built in 1832, and is intensely interesting both architecturally and historically. The setting is sombre and grim; the solid square building is constructed of grey granite blocks 2 ½ feet thick. Each tiny claustrophobic cell is completely closed in by these blocks except for a very narrow iron door. The atmosphere in the cell area is quite evocative and never fails to make a marked impression on visitors.

Having operated as a gaol from 1832 to 1979 the Old Gaol abounds in fascinating stories ranging from tragic hangings to weddings as well as ghost inhabited cells.

If you have never had a ghostly experience, come visit and "feel" the presence of our resident ghosts at the Court and the Gaol. Tours