Newsletter - 2014 - Spring

From a Director's Chair by Bruce Jackson

“ Located in St. George, the Granite Town Greetings was one of the early Charlotte County newspapers”.  The Charlotte County archives collection contains copies of many of the early newspapers of Charlotte County”.


Archives Todd
“ Election Poster by Freeman Hale Todd “ actively opposing the pending 1867 Confederation of Canada”


“ These pages will illustrate that Charlotte County was a Loyalist County, and that several different Loyalist Regiments or groups settled across its length and breadth”.


“Ships registry for the sailing vessel “Star” with manifest of Irish Immigrants bound for Charlotte County in mid 1800’s “
“Quaker settlement in Charlotte County occurred at about the same time as the Loyalists, and was initially in the Beaver Harbour and Pennfield areas. Due to natural disaster such as forest fires and the hardship of early settlement, these settlements would eventually disband, and relocate to other areas of the County, the Province and beyond. The present day name of Pennfield is derived from these early Quaker settlers”.

     Quaker Settlement in Charlotte County - 2


“A few of the papers from the Archives holdings pertaining to the Bay of Fundy Red Granite Company. The granite sheds associated with this company were the first to be erected in St. George proper, and were located on what today is a large vacant lot just west of the Brunswick and Wallace Street intersection. This company was typical of many of the era, in that the name would change, and eventually it would become known as Milne Coutts Company.

Through the years, many of the original owners or employees would leave the Company and establish their own companies in St. George, other parts of Charlotte County, and Maine”.

     PhotoEpps Dodds & Co. Granite Shed - “Epps Dodds & Company shed located in what today is a vacant lot on Brunswick Street immediately above and east of the parking lot of the St. George Power Company dam. Parts of the original Granite block retaining wall remain at roadside, and most were from rejected polished granite pieces. This company would later become known as Meating & Epps”.

     PhotoO'Brien Baldwin Co. Granite Shed - “O’Brien Baldwin Company shed located in what today is the parking on Brunswick Street for the St. George Power Company dam”


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