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Your membership runs from time of purchase for one calendar year. If renewing by mail, please send your membership form to the address below. 

Information Required
In fulfilling a membership request we need to collect your personal information, including: name, street address, city/town, province/state, zip/postal code, telephone and email address. Telephone information is requested on a voluntary basis and will only be used for communicating for purposes related to your membership.

Email information is collected as part of the standard payment process. If you do not wish to be informed of events and activities at Charlotte County Archives please include a note to that effect in the "Add special instructions to CCArchives" section of the order form.

Electronic Payment
Electronic Payments can be made by either Credit Cards or a PayPal account. Information on paying by cheque is provided below.

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Membership Renewal

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We welcome any donation you might make to support Charlotte County Archives. Thank you.

Gift Membership

Please make sure you supply the recipient's name and contact details on the payment invoice under "Notes to Seller".
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Payment Options
Please contact us to make a payment other than with PAYPAL

To Pay by Cheque

Please download the PDF or the Word Membership Form here

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and mail with your cheque payable to:

Charlotte County Archives
123 Frederick Street 
St. Andrews, New Brunswick
E5B 1Z1
                                                           Telephone 506-529-4248