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Taproot 001 
We're really excited about an idea we're promoting at the Archives! Have you heard about our Mock Trials? If you're a teacher, or a school administrator, you'll want to know....

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The Charlotte County Archives is lucky to have a great team publishing our Newsletter...we think you'll be impressed with how professional it is! If you'd like to be up-to-the-minute on what's happening at the Archives, why not take a look at the Spring edition? Find out who was just released from jail, and read about Irene Scarratt, who has been scanning pictures for the Archives on and off for over 30 years.

Taproot 003
So...you want to learn more about your family's history? You know you have to visit an Archives, but why should you start at the Charlotte County Archives? 
Read more! (Genealogical Research)

Taproot 004
Want a really unique idea for the best party ever? Who would think that you'd get a party idea from your Charlotte County Archives? But it's true...we've got a scary idea for you... 
Read more! 

Taproot 005
We want to give major props to one of our Charlotte County Archives Board members, Sheila Washburn, as well as to Chris Hannan and Trevor Wallace! Wouldn't you like to know why? 
Read more! 

Taproot 006
Did you know that the Old Charlotte County Gaol was featured on the television show Creepy Canada? It has been called one of the most haunted places in Canada!

Don't be afraid... LEARN MORE!

Taproot 007
What's happening at the Charlotte County Archives? New hours and a very busy September ahead!  
Read more!

Taproot 008
You won't want to miss out on the new display at the Charlotte County Courthouse! Hint: it's lethal...

Taproot 009
Are you interested in learning more about your ancestors?

Taproot 010
There's been speculation for years. Is the Old Charlotte County Gaol haunted? There's a plan afoot to find out! 

Taproot 011
By now you've received the fall appeal for the donations that help keep the Charlotte County Archives running. So I thought that you might like some information about why the Archives is important to our community. In the words of our Board of Directors...

Taproot 012
The Capital City Ghosthunters has spent the night at the Charlotte County Courthouse and the Old Charlotte County Gaol. You don't want to miss out on what they discovered...are these buildings hauntedRead about it in the St. Croix Courier....keep your eyes open for the story soon! (maybe as early as Friday, Nov. 29) 

(Don't worry, if you miss the article in the Courier we won't leave you wondering! We'll share the results with you in our next Taproot)

Taproot 013
So...did you read the article in the St. Croix Courier about the Capital City Ghosthunters staying the night at the Charlotte County Courthouse and the Old Charlotte County Gaol? Do you know what they discovered...are these buildings haunted?
Read more...we dare you!

Taproot 014
Save the date! Save the date!
Something really exciting is happening this summer. 
Well don't leave me dangling..tell me more!

Taproot 015
Are you aware that the Charlotte County Courthouse is a designated National and Provincial Historic Site of Canada? Do you know why it qualified for this honour? Do you know when it was built? What style of architecture it represents?
Well here's your chance to learn more about the history of this national treasure! Parks Canada has a very informative page about our Courthouse...read more.

Taproot 016
Do you know what you could be doing on March 28th at 6:00 pm?
Hint...it's really yummy and it helps the Archives too.
Learn more...your stomach will thank you!

Taproot 017
Did you know that you don't have to be a member to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Charlotte County Archives on April 3rd?
You really won't want to miss it...we've got a fascinating speaker lined up!
Read more....

Taproot 018
Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
The tickets are now available for our Heritage Homes Tour! Find out when it is, which houses are on the tour and how to buy tickets. There are only 180 tickets; grab yours now so you don't miss out on this amazing tour.
Everything you need to know is right here!

Taproot 019
Live the experience!
Did you know that New Brunswick classes can participate in a mock trial at the Charlotte County Courthouse? If you are a teacher please follow the link below to find out how a arrange for your class to have a very educational but fun excursion! If you know a teacher, please forward this email to them.
Read more!

Taproot 020
Do you know a post-secondary student who would love working "hands-on" with Charlotte County history for the summer? The Archives is looking for applicants for an Historic Site Interpreter/ Archive Assistant position. If you know a history buff who might be interested please forward this email to them!
All the details of the position can be found here

Taproot 021
This is the first in a series of Taproot Trivia, which we will be sending out from time to time so you can test your knowledge of Charlotte County.
What year was the Old Charlotte County Gaol built?
Find the answer here! 

Taproot 022
Did you know that this summer St. Andrews will be celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Cottage Craft and it's founder Grace Helen Mowat? The Charlotte County Archives and the Ross Memorial Museum are co-sponsoring a special exhibition of her life's work at the Museum and tickets are now on sale for the gala opening!Find out how to get your ticket here.

Taproot 023
If you know any young adults between 14 and 18 who are interested in history or archival work please let them know about the new Junior Volunteer Program at the Archives!

Taproot 024 
Now's your chance...you've been waiting for this! Yes, now you can put your wife (or husband, child or friend) in Jail! Watch the High Sheriff snap on the handcuffs and drag them away to the Archives' fund-raising Jail. Then buy one of our cool "Out on Bail" T-shirts and avoid retaliation, hehe. Or buy a warrant for the arrest of the town Mayor, or one of a number of politicians, or business leaders on our Most Wanted List...just imagine the fun you could have with this! 
Be the first to extract your ”revenge”...find out how

Taproot 025
Did you know that the Archives is offering 2 types of guided tours on Wednesdays and Saturdays? What a great way to spend a summer morning in St. Andrews! Or a lovely summer's evening.

Every Wednesday and Saturday morning, starting at 11:00 am on the front verandah of the Algonquin, the War of 1812 Walking Tour is a fascinating peek into the history of St. Andrews. Our costumed tour guides take on the personae of real people from the town in 1812, and, during the dramatized walking tour, will tell you how the war impacted on the town and the area. This is the third summer that the Archives has offered this highly rated walking tour...don't miss out, this is the final year it will be offered.

Then on Wednesday and Friday evenings at 8 pm, beginning once again on the front verandah of the Algonquin, the Ghost Walk takes you on a phantasmal tour through St. Andrews' lesser known history of the Spectral, Spooky and Weird! Ghastly fun for both young and old.

This tour is both intriguing and a lot of fun...you can even book a private Ghost Walk for a group of kids or adults.  Book now! 

The cost of both tours is the same:
$10 per adult
$5 per child
$20 per family of up to 5 people

Taproot 026
Charlotte County and the First World War

August 4th of this year marked the 100th 

anniversary of the start of the “Great War”. 
The shape of the world was forever altered by modern warfare in this, the first global war. Airplanes were quickly developed into fighting machines and war took to the skies. Modern weapons caused enormous damage to the landscape of war. Armies were now composed of hundreds of thousands, and there were previously unimaginable losses...over 16 million casualties, both soldiers and civilians, more than 21 million wounded. Sixty thousand Canadians lost their lives. A new world order emerged after the War; Empires were destroyed, and new countries emerged. Yet we hear far more about the Second World War. Isn't it time to remember and learn from the First World War?

To mark the 100th anniversary and to focus our attention on the men and women who sacrificed so much, local historian Jason Gaudet will be giving a presentation on the young men of Charlotte County who fought in the First Great War.

 Learn the details here! 

Taproot 027
Do you enjoy looking at photos of events you've attended, or even the ones you've missed? 

Where can you see pictures of Charlotte County Archives events and visitors? On their Facebook page of course! 

Follow the link here and take a peek at our page. You'll find lots of interesting pictures and short notes. You could “like” our page, or “share” it with friends. Why not click to follow us, and pictures from our events will appear in your News Feed...you might find yourself in one of our pictures someday!

Taproot 028
Take a walk on the wild side! For the month of September, on Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 8 pm, the Archives' popular Ghost Walk starts outside the front door of the Algonquin.

$10 per adult
$5 per child
$20 per family of up to 5 people 

Prepare to be terrified!
You can even book a private tour here! 

Taproot 029
So what's the big deal about Culture Days anyway?

Well, for starters you can tour the Old Gaol and the Charlotte County Courthouse for free!

Read all about it here

Taproot 030
We have been receiving some really great feedback on our first annual Heritage Homes Tour in August! Everyone seems to have enjoyed spending the afternoon touring some of the grand old cottages and homes of St. Andrews. So we'd like you to know that we've started planning next year's tour already. We have a fabulous group of homes arranged and we've set the date! So save August 8th, 2015 for another delightful Heritage Homes Tour in St. Andrews. We'll be sending out another reminder in the early spring, but for now put a note in your planner...you won't want to miss this! 

Taproot 031
Have you heard about the Christmas Farmers' Market at the Sir James Dunn Academy Gym on Saturday December 6 from 9 am to 2 pm? There will be lots of tables with gifts, crafts, and food. Drop in and do a little Christmas shopping...what an opportunity to find unusual and creative gifts! The Charlotte County Archives will have a table...why not stop by and pick up a copy of our latest newsletter? And while you're at it...purchase a ticket on one of Kate Akagi's famous baskets. You know it'll be full of great items! And how about raffle tickets on a beautiful hand-knit sweater, also available at the Archives table. You could make a huge dent in your Christmas shopping on Saturday at the Farmers' Market!

Read more details here.  

Have you heard about the Valentines Farmers' Market this Saturday? 

Be sure to drop by...there'll be lots to see! From 10:00am till 2:00pm in the Van Horne Ballroom (the former Casino) at the Algonquin Resort you can wander about the booths and meet up with old friends and neighbours. Choose a unique gift for your Valentine, have a snack, or maybe even buy yourself a small reward for having survived snowmageddon...so far. 

While you're there be sure to drop by the Charlotte County Archives' booth and buy a ticket or 3 on one of Kate's famous baskets, or a raffle ticket on a fabulous hand-knit sweater.

Hope to see you there!

From your ccarchives.ca

Taproot 032

Do you know what year the Charlotte County Courthouse was built?
Click on the link to its National Historic Site page and find out if you are right. You'll find lots of interesting facts about the Courthouse there. For instance do you know when or why it was designated a National Historic Site, or who the architect was?

Find all the answers here

Taproot 033
Have you heard about the Valentines Farmers' Market this Saturday? 

Be sure to drop by...there'll be lots to see! From 10:00am till 2:00pm in the Van Horne Ballroom (the former Casino) at the Algonquin Resort you can wander about the booths and meet up with old friends and neighbours. Choose a unique gift for your Valentine, have a snack, or maybe even buy yourself a small reward for having survived snowmageddon...so far. 

While you're there be sure to drop by the Charlotte County Archives' booth and buy a ticket or 3 on one of Kate's famous baskets, or a raffle ticket on a fabulous hand-knit sweater.

Hope to see you there!

From your ccarchives.ca

Taproot 034
Good news, bad news!

The good news is that the Charlotte County Archives has received 3 recycled computers and we are in the process of setting them up. Triple win for the Archives!  

The bad news is that unfortunately they are missing some parts.  
How would you like to help us turn our bad news into good news all the way? It's simple...if you have any unused computer parts consider donating them to our cause.

We are in need of:
- 3 flat screen monitors
- 3 mouses

If you have these and wish to donate them please call 529-3833 for pick up.
From your ccarchives.ca

Taproot 035
What's new with the Archives Board of Directors?

It may be well past Thanksgiving, but it's never too late to give thanks.  We are so very thankful for the ongoing support that the New Brunswick Government gives the Charlotte County Archives! Their support allows us to feel comfortable looking forward as we plan for the future of YOUR Archives. 

Our Annual General Meeting is coming up in May, and currently your Board is busy working on a Marketing Plan for the Archives. We have already spent one full day on this important project, with a second day set aside this month to hopefully complete the plan.

We have applied for funding for three students to work at the Archives this coming summer, and are hopeful that we will receive the necessary funds. We feel that the summer students are a true win/win proposition...they add a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to our programs, and in return they learn so much about the history of Charlotte County over the course of their summer.

Taproot 036
Spring has finally sprung and isn't it grand? The snow is disappearing, the weather is delightful and your Archives has started Spring Hours. For April and May we'll be open from 1 to 4, Tuesdays to Fridays. Come by for a
visit...we're always happy to help you find whatyou need.

We have some great news for you too! We'll be starting our always popular Ghost Walks May 9th on a "by prior arrangement" basis. Have you been on a Ghost Walk before? If you have, don't let that stop you...take the Walk with Felicity...she is amazing. And if you haven't...well you just have to experience it. It's 
frightfully good fun! We need a minimum of 4 people to do a Ghost Walk. Call Felicity at 506-321-1001  to arrange for your tour, and prepare to be terrified!

Taproot 037
At 6:30 on May 21st, the Archives will be holding its Annual General Meeting in the Old Charlotte County Courthouse. The meeting is open to the public and we hope you can join us! Our speaker will be the Provincial Archaeologist for New Brunswick. With over 15 years of experience in archaeological research, Brent Suttie has spent the last 7 years as the archaeologist responsible for regulating New Brunswick’s Archaeological Resources. He is also currently Manager of the Province’s Archaeological Services Unit, with Heritage Branch of the New Brunswick Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture.

The topic of Brent's talk will be "Recent Archaeological Evidence of 13,000 Years of Charlotte County History".Over the past 15 years, a number of very important archaeological sites have been found and excavated in Coastal and Interior Charlotte county which give glimpses into the lives of more than 600 generations of people who have lived in what is now Charlotte county, NB.  Brent will present some of the stories around these important sites, what the excavations revealed and how this archaeological information can help us understand a bit of what life might have looked like for the inhabitants of southwestern NB.

Please...try to join us for this fascinating presentation! 

Taproot 038
The Charlotte County Archives relies upon our summer students to  keep the Archives open and smoothly functioning during June, July and August. They do tours, and assist the Archivist with research and archival work. We are thrilled to have 2 of our previous summer students with us again this summer.

Nicolas Gibeault is excited to be at the Archives for his fourth summer! His knowledge of our programs and on-going work is extensive so he is a huge help to us. He will be the Summer Manager this year and comes to us through a PEP Grant from the Heritage Branch, NB Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture.

Emily Forster was with us last year...you may remember her doing an amazing job helping with our tours. She is with us thanks to a Young Canada Works Grant through the Canadian Museums Association.

Johnny Matheson will be joining the team on June 29th and this will be his first year at the Archives. He is funded by the Federal Government's Canada Summer Jobs Program.

Why not drop in and renew acquaintances with this friendly team? They are always ready to help you find a picture or historical 

Taproot 039
On sale now! 
200 tickets for the second annual Charlotte County Archives Heritage Homes Tour...and when they're gone...well you'll have to wait till the third annual tour next summer! We have a fabulous group of 5 home owners willing to welcome you into their homes on August 8th in support of the Archives. The funds we raise help keep our services running for another year and contribute to special projects as the need arises. But the best part is that, as well as helping out the Archives, you will get to see some stunning, historically significant homes...who wouldn't love that?

The homes on this year's tour are:
Beech Hill at 580 Mowat Drive
Tillietudlem at 434 Bar Road
The Achorage at 44 Parr Street 
Linden Grange at 144 Carleton Street 
Harris Hatch House at 142 Queen Street

For information about where to purchase tickets see our poster here.  

Don't miss out on this wonderful homes tour...tickets will go fast. Get yours now before they sell out!
Taproot 040
We know that you've been waiting anxiously for this all year! And now it's finally time. Now it's your turn to put someone in jail! 

Taproot 041
If you are interested in courtroom dramatizations of historic events, then you won’t want to miss your chance to be “in court” to see the events unfold. “Murder in Black’s Harbour”  is being presented at 7PM on the evenings of August 13, 14 and 15 and again in a matinee on August 16 at 2PM. 
Find out more...

Taproot 042
Often the biggest challenge in doing family research is just getting started. Over a four week period starting September 8, 2015 at 7 PM, small classes of interested “budding”genealogists will be assisted in getting their own genealogical journey started. You will have the opportunity to benefit from instruction, and some hands-on-work in a small group setting. For those with Charlotte County roots, our Archives may be the very best place for you to search your ancestors. Even for those who don’t have Charlotte County roots, there is something for you as well. All you need to bring is a laptop , if you have one, and any notes you may have. Cost is $15 per session. Register early. Class size is limited. Contact: Donna Muir at delarm@nb.sympatico.ca

Taproot 043
Our fall newsletter is out. Be sure to click on the link www.ccarchives.ca to visit our webpage and the newsletter icon. Get your coffee or hot chocolate and take a few minutes to catch up on what's been happening at the Archives.

Taproot 044
Halloween may be over, but it is still not too late to be” spirited” away or scared silly. Check out this link to find out what is lurking in the court house and the gaol and join Felicity on one of her Twelve Nights of Fright.

Taproot 045         
It is Fall Appeal time again and we are asking for your support.  We are excited to be able to offer and grow programs, to tell the stories of our great history and to continue the important work of conserving and preserving Charlotte County’s rich heritage entrusted to our care. Follow this link to our webpage to get the information contained in our latest letter to our supporters.

Taproot 046

Confederation is nearly one hundred and fifty years old. This time one hundred and fifty-two years ago, the spirit of forming a national union was already being advanced at the Charlottetown Conference in 1864. Delegates were impressed by what Confederation could offer: greater security, a wider market for their goods, and a way to reach that market through the promised Intercolonial Railway. How would all of this affect Charlotte County located on the south western part of the province?

Our guest speaker, Dr. T. William Acheson, noted history professor at UNB and St. Stephen native, will take us on an interesting discussion of Confederation and how in turn it affected people in Charlotte County. We encourage you to come out and hear what Dr. Acheson shares with us. 

Taproot 047
If you are interested in seeing an exhibit of the Commemoration of Charlotte men and women in the two great world conflicts and hearing from special guest speaker Dr. Brent Wilson from The Gregg Centre for the Study of War and Society at UNB in Fredericton, plan to join us at a Special Exhibit at the Ross Museum on Saturday, October 1. Link here for more information…  

Taproot 53

 Our latest newsletter is now available. Have a read and see what we have been up to.