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If you missed the article in the St. Croix Courier in November about the Capital City Ghosthunters' overnight adventure in the Charlotte County Courthouse, we have you covered! Read Terry Hunter's report to the Archivist below, detailing what they discovered.



          On the evening of October 11, 2013 the capital city ghost hunters based out of Fredericton arrived at the Old Gaol in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. Their goal was to investigate the Old Gaol and Courthouse for paranormal activity. On this particular excursion there was a team of three. Equipment included still cameras, video cameras, devices to detect ELF (extremely low frequency) sounds as well as a radio frequency sweeping device.   An electromagnetic field meter was used to detect any unexplained electromagnetic phenomena and an electrostatic generator, commonly referred to as a “ghost box” was used to create an electrostatic environment supposedly more attractive to ghosts.

         One of the investigators in particular felt a strange presence as she entered the Archives and Old Gaol building. She later captured a still photograph outside the Old Gaol which seems to depict a ghostly apparition. The group found no natural explanation for what appeared in the photograph. Video footage ended up being negligible as batteries seemed to drain rapidly of power. To paranormal investigators this is a further indicator of ghostly presences. The same investigator who felt the presence earlier sensed it again while sitting in one of the cells of the Old Gaol. She was using an electromagnetic field meter at the time which detects changes in the electromagnetic field of a given location. Theory holds that ghosts caused such changes.  A strange sphere or orb appeared next to the door of the same jail cell and was captured in a still photograph. An orb is believed to be the most common form for spirits to manifest and move about in 

After this the team moved into the Old Courthouse for the night. As with the Old Gaol there was no detection of ELF or anomalous signals picked up by the radiofrequency sweep.The Courthouse was very much alive with other forms of activity however. Still photographs taken during the night showed a proliferation of orbs of varying sizes and intensities. Some of them showed concentric circles within the orbs. Allowing for the possibility of some of these 'orbs' being dust particles caught on film, the group describes explains what these orbs indicate.  The brightest orbs are supposedly beings from heaven returned to help the less bright orbs, or ghosts, join them on the other side. 

The group witnessed other phenomena which are still under investigation. A name carved in a drawer in the Old Courthouse matches one from a tombstone that we photographed in one of the local cemeteries. As only a handful of tombstones were photographed, this is a rather strange coincidence. While standing in the defendant's box in the Old Courthouse, one of our members had a name come to mind. Research is showing this person to have built the box he was standing in. As more material comes to light the group is going to present it to the Archives and the St. Croix Courier. 

The group's conclusion is that both the Old Gaol and the Old Courthouse have more than history lurking about. There appear to be ghosts and spirit guides (departed loved ones) present at the site. The good news is that despite the hangings, etc. that happened on the property, the spirits appear to harm no one. For any tourist or investigator of the paranormal, the group highly recommends the property as a destination to visit.

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https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_k5gBPm8knsdVR6MEtwdW1KSU0/edit?usp=sharing  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_k5gBPm8knsYUJ3WUV1Q0R2LWs/edit?usp=sharing 

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                PHOTO 1 - OUTSIDE THE OLD GAOL