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The Charlotte County Archives exists thanks to a group of people from all corners of Charlotte County who share a goal to keep our county's past alive, either by contributing financially, with their time as a volunteer, or both!

The Archives came into existence in 1975 when a group of volunteers was formed to preserve and organize historical documents relating to Charlotte County. Today we have a Board of Directors, a part time Archivist and an active group of volunteers who keep this goal alive. Our Board of Directors includes members from St. Stephen, St. Andrews, St. George and Beaver Harbour. When I recently asked them “What does the Archives do for our community?” their responses were measured and thought provoking:

                  Charlotte County Archives is a place to discover your roots, from the lists of European passengers on the ships that landed here to the land they owned, their marriages, births of their children and where and when they were buried. You may even find them in articles of the many journals and newspapers. We even have research for some families already in progress.

                  The Old Gaol, the Charlotte County Courthouse and the Charlotte County Archives, yours to discover in person or on the web, thanks to our Board, our volunteers, and the generosity of our “Friends of the Archives”.

                  The Archives provides a secure, organized, searchable depository for historical documents and artifacts

                  Come to the Charlotte County Archives to experience the thrill of discovery, uncover the mysteries of the land, its people and heritage.

                  A strong volunteer organization which increases the public awareness of, and appreciation for, our roots and heritage

                  The Archives preserves community, business and heritage documents for future reference.

                  Economical and convenient ease of access to Charlotte County related documents.

                  A local research portal for writers, researchers, genealogists, students and families.

                  A strong voice for preservation of Historical county information and records.

                  Understanding our past is essential to understanding our present and future. Our Archives provides that link between what has gone before and what it still to come.

                  Funding for our Archivist makes certain that Charlotte County's historical documents are preserved securely for future generations.

                  A link to the past historical and social aspects of our county that we can share to the community

I hope these answers give you some insight into the type of individuals who volunteer with the Archives, and who serve on our Board of Directors. These are dedicated, hard-working people who make time in their busy lives to keep the dream alive: Charlotte County's heritage...kept here in Charlotte County...in a secure, well organized Archives, for the use of our own and future generations. Now that's a goal worth working for!