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Taproot 010

On October 12 Terry Hunter of Fredericton's Paranormal Solutions will be spending the night in the Old Charlotte County Gaol to observe and record any paranormal activity with video and audio technology.

There has been talk for many years of sudden frigid blasts of air, words visible on the cell walls and a ghostly figure pacing the floor. Perhaps Mr. Hunter will be able to provide us with the answer to the question, “Is the Old Charlotte County Gaol haunted?” 

Stay tuned...our next Taproot will tell you what he discovers! 

Our volunteers at the Archives need more binders (1” to 2 1/2”, any colour) to continue their important work. We will gladly accept used binders in good condition. If you have any to donate, please drop them at the Archives (123 Frederick St., St. Andrews, from 1 – 4 Tuesday to Friday) or email the Archives: contact@ccarchives.ca