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Taproot 009

Genealogy is a growing interest in North America these days. Everyone is learning how to research their roots and trace their family tree back several generations.

Would you like to learn from the Charlotte County Archives experts how to search for information from the past? Where would one start; how does one follow the trail of one's family? Our trained volunteers can show you how, and as you learn you can be helping your Archives too! We really need some new volunteers to help keep the research room open for the fall months, and again in the spring, before the summer students arrive.

Did you know that if you volunteer with the Archives you are automatically considered a member? What a great deal...help out the Archives, start learning to do genealogical research and become a member of the Charlotte County Archives! All this for giving one or two afternoons per month to help us out.

If you're interested in joining our team of dedicated volunteers, call Peggy Goss at 529-3530, or email: peggy_goss@yahoo.ca

If you already volunteer with the Archives, then you know how important it is to keep our building open. Even in the fall we get visitors, often from far away, who come to research their roots. How sad for them if the Archives were to be closed due to a shortage of volunteers. If you possibly can, please help us out...sign up for a shift or two per month. (Tuesday to Friday until Nov. 15) Please call Peggy Goss at 529-3530 to discuss when you could give us a hand. Let's keep the Archives open!