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Is the Old Charlotte County Gaol haunted?? Several paranormal investigators feel it is! They have come with their specialized thermal cameras, their EMF meters and EVP recorders and concluded that the gaol is home to more than one paranormal being.

One investigator, who describes himself as an open-minded skeptic who doesn't believe in ghosts, says that “I start any investigation by looking for logical answers to what people have seen or experienced. However, I'm unable to explain to my own satisfaction what happened to Holly and I this past Saturday evening in the jail.”

The Old Gaol was built in 1832 and a steady stream of thieves, murderers and debtors passed through its cells, until it was closed in 1979. Some were executed, and a few died in other equally unpleasant ways, so it is hardly surprising that a few souls have lingered on in the cells unable, or unwilling, to pass on to their eternal rest.

There have been many accounts over the years of paranormal experiences in the jail, tales of a sudden feeling of extreme cold, of words visible on the cell walls, of a ghostly figure pacing the floor.

Who were these prisoners, and why are they still haunting the Old Gaol? Come and tour the Old Gaol and the Courthouse and see the harsh conditions under which those who broke the law were locked away, and hear the frightful stories first hand.

Drop by the Charlotte County Archives, housed in the Old Gaol, and take a tour anytime between 10 and 4:30, Monday to Saturday for the rest of August, and 10 to 4:30  Monday to Friday in September.