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Board of Directors 2018-2019 Archives

Charlotte County Archives Inc.
Current Board of Directors 2018-19

 Board Chair  Franklin Cardy   
 Vice Chair  Jeff Holmes    
 Treasurer  Sheila Washburn  
 Secretary  Jane Garnett   
 Director  Mary Casement - resigned
 Director  Sheila Blagrave    
 Director  Shirley Brinkhurst   
 Director  Jessica Doucette    
 Director  Barb Rayner    
 Director  Helen Thomas   
 Director  Robin Burton - to be ratified at AGM
  Director                     Marie LaForest - to be ratified at AGM


Past Chair            Peggy Fothergill          Honorary Member         Bill Cockburn

Archivist                            Janice Fairney
Webmaster/Technology       Ernie Depatie



Charlotte County Archives

Annual General Meeting

Court House, St. Andrew’s, NB

 Thursday, April 19, 2018

Chair’s Report

6:30 PM

Good Evening and Welcome

 For the Board of Directors 2017-2018 has been a time of rebuilding and regeneration. We lost our valued Chair, Donna Muir who resigned at the end of the summer, and began our fall season with a slim contingent of six members. We urgently needed to restore our Board.  And we did, we built up a full complement of 11 members, and with them came an enthusiasm and willingness to pitch in. Board members have shown great leadership in the past months backed up with hard work and determination to achieve the goals of our marketing plan.  Our emphasis has been on marketing; to raise the profile of the Archives and increase our audiences and revenue.  

 Last fall, we were given notice that the province would be turning over the Court House and Gaol properties to the Town of Saint Andrews.  In December, with the guidance of legal counsel, we gave notice of lease renewal for 15 years with a $16 money order by registered mail to the province with a copy to the Town. 

 With an ongoing focus on financial sustainability, we concentrated our efforts on achieving more visibility for the Archives including more revenue.  In a world of choices, it has boiled down to:  what can we do well and in a timely matter.  In other words, we needed to determine the marketing activities that would move the needle to give us more profile in our target audiences, plus earn us more income. 

 What makes us unique? We are the Guardians of Charlotte County’s Memories. And we want others in the community to join us in this mission.  To believe, “I belong” “I am a part of the Archives too.” To that end, we have come up with a proposal for a membership program.  We will be asking for your approval for this program later in the agenda.  We have monetized it as follows:

 Proposal for Annual Membership

Individual               $25

Family                     35

Supporting             100

Patron                   300 or more


In addition, we have formalized admission fees for bus and organized tours who visit the Gaol and Court House.  They will be charged $2 a person up to a maximum of $100 per coach.  Individuals visiting the properties will be encouraged to make donations as in the past.

 If approved, we will kick off the membership program at the premiere of Franklin Cardy’s hockey movie “Hockey in St. Andrews 1900-1980” on Saturday, April 28.  And we also have plans for an Open House event, on July 21 to not only promote membership and revenue, but also raise the profile of the Archives, to let our community and visitors know who we are and what we do.  More on this later. 

Heritage Home Tours 2017 - fundraiser

Sales: 240 tickets@ $25.  A total of $11,000 in revenue, $5,000 from Scotiabank matching funds.

Last August 12, 2017, we presented:

Daytime, at 62 Champlain Avenue, the last house in St. Andrews designed by Edward Maxwell’s firm

Cory Cottage, at 45 Carleton Avenue, a side-gabled Greek Revival residence

The Walyngton Wedge, or “The Wedge”

Bill and Joan Smith’s home, on the corner of Mary and Water, an Arts and Crafts style house

The Charlotte County Court House was also on the tour.  Along with a tour of this 1840 building, we also invited visitors to a curated exhibit of artwork by St. Andrews artist Mary Hashey.

Homemade refreshments were served from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm at the Anglican Church Hall.


“Moving Memories” - The Saint Andrews Audio-Visual Collection

Franklin Cardy has a fascinating report on his activity that comprises 11 videos on the YouTube Channel called “Historic Home Movies of Saint Andrews N.B.”  This is the main part of the collection; the other parts are the digitized collection of Community Channel programs from the 1990s and the list of mostly audio recordings of public speaker events held in Town.  The earliest of the film/videos dates from 1923 and the latest from August 2017.  They were assembled, edited and produced by Franklin Cardy with the assistance of a team of collaborators who provided commentaries for the videos.


 Upcoming Events


Hockey Premiere - Fundraiser

The world premiere of “Hockey in St. Andews, 1900-1980,” a movie by Vice-Chair Franklin Cardy, based on the films of W. C. “Bill” O’Neill, will take place at the W. C. O’Neill Arena on Saturday, April 28 at 3 PM.  The film is unique in that it will show rarely seen footage from St. Andrews community history, and the men, women and children who all played a part in the realization of their hockey dreams.  Admission is $10 per person and we will be promoting our membership program.


CHCO Program

Board member Mary Casement has initiated a series of broadcasts on Charlotte County history in support of the visibility of the Archives.  So far, Mary has taped sessions with:

Kanatiio on early Passamaquoddy history

Kerry Chrus on the Ross Museum

Leslie Wells on the Ross Memorial Library

Christian Larsen on the Pennfield Ridge Air Station


Upcoming episodes will include an interview with WWII veteran Charlie Reid.  Mary is hoping for editing to happen later in the spring and maybe broadcast in late spring early summer.  Also planned is some on site taping in warmer weather in areas like local graveyards, the Old Gaol, Court House, etc. with tour guide interviews.


Open House – July 21

We are going to be opening our doors and showcasing a lot of activities to highlight what we are all about on Saturday, July 21, from 10 AM – 4 PM, or rain day July 28.  Activities will be planned for the whole family to include: live music, mock trials in the Court House, historical tours of the old Gaol and the Court House, historical scavenger hunts, historical characters in costume, genealogy demonstrations, costumes and games.  We will also be promoting our membership program, and other marketing activities.


Heritage Home Tours 2018 - fundraiser

Following an evaluation of the 2017 visitor experience, the Homes Tour committee decided to change the date of our tour to later in August to accommodate visitors from Fredericton who run into traffic travelling to St. Andrews from Harvey Parade days. Also, we hoped by postponing the tour until later in August, we might access homes on the rental program as tourists tend to dwindle by then, and homeowners return to vacation themselves at that time and would be willing to let us show their homes. We decided to move the date, one weekend later, to August 18, 2018.


We are aiming for 5 homes, but have 4 homes committed so far:

Jeff and Ardeth Holmes, Frederick and Queen

Peacock Farmhouse, Deb Firestone’s home

Barb Stanley’s home, Water Street

Sheila and Maurice Blagrave’s home, 6 Queen Street


Sunbury Shores has graciously agreed to be our reception partner this year. Homemade refreshments will be served from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm in their beautiful art gallery.


Volunteers and Staff

I want to thank the ongoing, dedicated, passionate support of our volunteers. This organization could not be what it is without you.  Thank you for your hard work and your ongoing commitment. Longtime volunteer Lila Haughn has not been feeling herself recently, and we want to wish her well.  Board member Ernie Depatie has taken on the responsibility of coordinating our tour guide volunteers and the painstaking task of updating our volunteer manual.  AND, we will be opened on Saturday this season to make our facilities even more accessible to researchers and visitors.


Our volunteers, our summer students, and our Archivist Manager, Janice Fairney deserve our thanks for their hard work, enthusiasm and passion for the ongoing work of the Archives.  They do an essential job in providing an energetic and dynamic customer service for the Archives.


Our staff and volunteers are a crucial element in the success of all aspects of our marketing plan.

Respectfully submitted

Peggy Fothergill

Chair, Charlotte County Archives




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