Charlotte County Archives Jail on Canada Day 2015

 On Canada Day in St. Andrews, the Charlotte County Archives will have a jail set up next to the Post Office on Water Street. Between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm, you'll have the chance to put your family and friends in jail for only five dollars. You might even find yourself incarcerated with one of many prominent people, councillors, politicians, business leaders....anyone can be a target. For those who would prefer it, we will be selling Get out of Jail cards for five dollars too; each of those lasts all morning or all afternoon. Those who have served their time will be provided with a ribbon so that they cannot be rearrested during the morning. This will be repeated again for the afternoon session. 

Join in the fun and help us support our local history and the Old Gaol on Frederick Street by buying a warrant for someone's arrest, and then watch as the “High Sheriff” approaches them with the handcuffs. We'll be selling “Out on Bail” T-shirts for $20 if you want to avoid retaliation...they will grant you immunity from arrest for the whole day, or they make a great keepsake to remember the fun on Canada Day 2015! 

Want more action? Check out the CCA MOST WANTED LIST , to be found on the table near the jail on July 1, and purchase a warrant for the arrest of someone from the list.  Don't hold back...this is your chance to put someone “behind bars”. 

See you on Canada Day!