The Charlotte County Archives, located in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada began in 1975 when a group of volunteers known as the “Friends of the Charlotte County Historical Society” was formed to preserve and organize historical documents relating to Charlotte County. Since 1982 the permanent home of the Archives has been at 123 Frederick Street in the old Charlotte County Gaol, a Provincial Heritage Site.  The Charlotte County Archives is a not-for-profit organization run by volunteers and supported by its membership and by donations. 

               The Archives will be open for research by appointment only until further notice.

Update to Covid-19 Protocols

Following the directive of the Provincial Medical Health Officer, the Charlotte County Archives is closed to the public temporarily. If you require research assistance, we will be happy to help, as far as our limited resources will  stretch.
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Please consider becoming a member of the Charlotte County Archives for $25/year (single) or $35 (family). You will receive a tax receipt for memberships and will have free access to the facilities and tours as well as regular communications about the Archives.


"I used to live here" said a former inmate from 1975, as he revisited the historic Old Jail in St. Andrews N.B. in 2018 and recalls his experience and memories of how the Jail was operated before it closed in 1979. Watch him as he stands in one small punishment cell where he spent 23 days in isolation, and listen how later he became the reserve cook and moved upstairs to more comfortable accommodation. This complete archive version includes memories of some of the other prisoners and of the fire in the Saint John Jail.

Charlotte County Moments

Featuring photos from the Charlotte County Archives and film footage by Col. Hugh Heasely (1923) W.C. (Bill) O'Neill (1938/9) and John L.Williamson (1976/7), digitized by the Provincial Archives of N.B., processed by Franklin Cardy, and kindly donated by Carmelita Thompson O'Neill and John L.Williamson. Painting by Mary Hashey of the Sardine Factory in Little Norway, courtesy of Alice-Anne Giberson.
We are grateful to Michael Wennberg for additional photos for the St. George Granite video.

                       Movie                     Movie                    Movie                       Movie 
                    Pennfield            Rum Running           St George         Vaughan Minesweeper

Narrations written by Sheila and Mark Blagrave - 2020

         Movie                      Movie                      Movie
      Conley's Lobster         Cottage Craft          Little Norway

Narrations written by Sheila and Mark Blagrave - 2019 
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From the Gallery

One of the most interesting collections at the Archives is the Photograph Collection. Who doesn't love looking at old photos? The Archives has over 20,000 images in its collection! We have a small group of dedicated volunteers working their way through the collection to scan and add them to our List of Photographs by Photograph Number. If you're interested in our photos...why not drop in and have a look? Visit our Gallery to purchase scanned images of any of the photographs from our web site, and we also sell copies of most of the photos in our entire collection at the Archives.

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Staff at Algonquin Hotel, 1896. Most of the staff came to work at the hotel from New England. But there were also local workers (see Caddy Norris second row, seated second from right). We would like to have others identified who were from this area ???


P135.002-  First Algonquin Hotel in 1905 (William Notman Photograph)  Hotel Built 1889, destroyed by fire 1914.