Genealogical Research

The most obvious reason to start your family research at the Charlotte County Archives is that it is so close! If you live in Charlotte County, your local Archives is just a short drive away. But there are several other reasons why starting here makes a lot of sense.


                  Did you know that we have several of the early local (including Calais) 19th Century newspapers available on microfilm? So much information can be found in the papers...there are birth and wedding announcements, the obituaries, information about family businesses, and major events in the county. The social columns in older papers have accounts of social occasions, both large and small, and make fascinating reading.


                  You can learn a lot about your family from the early land records (where did your family settle, how much land did they have, where and when did they move) and guess what...we've got them too, for the late 18th through the 19th Centuries!


                  We also have some family genealogies already researched and available for you to use! They may answer all of your questions if your family has been done, or at least some, if your family history intersected with that of one of the families in our collection. Also in our collection is a file of previous enquiries and what was found, called Families Under Research.


                  Did you know that the churches in our county keep records of who is buried in their cemeteries and burial dates? Church Vital Records books also often give baptism and marriage dates. And yes...we have copies of them! We also have burial records from the graveyards not associated with a specific church. They give the name, date of burial, plot # and sometimes the occupation.


                  The Probate Court records are indexed by name and are records of the administration of a person's estate, and the will if there was one. Sometimes there will be a list of children which is an excellent way to find out the married names of daughters, which can be hard to track down! These records can also define the family land holdings.


                  A lot of information is contained in the Census Records by family. The kind of information varies according to the year of the Census, but a look through our   records, from 1851 through 1911, can reveal much about your ancestors.


                  As if all that wasn't enough, the Archives also has a collection of books on the history of our area, many of which are out of print and rather difficult to find.


So if you'd like to start digging around in your family's past, you should plan on starting your excavations at the Charlotte County Archives! Grab a notebook and your favourite  pencil (no pens in the archival research rooms), or your iPad, and come pay us a visit. We have staff to assist you according to the hours below: 

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