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The Charlotte County Archives has a collection of over 25,000 photographs from Charlotte County's past, carefully collated by a small group of dedicated volunteers led by Irene Scarratt. Enjoy these photos at your leisure from here, searching associated text via the search field, or drop in to the Archives to have a look on one of our computers. You can browse without cost or purchase any scanned image for $15, sent to you as an e-mail attachment. When you purchase a photo, the copyright information will be moved to the bottom of the photograph. We are gradually adding additional photos to our collection, so keep an eye out for additions to the albums. Your purchase of a scanned photographic image helps to sustain the Charlotte County Archives.

Letter - Elijah Fiske - 1814 
What would it be like to have an invading army landing on your shore? In this letter of August 4, 1814, we read in brief Elijah Fisk’s observation of the British capture of Eastport in July, rumours of a treaty between the two countries and Elijah’s daily life as he writes home to his father in Hillsborough, New Hampshire. 

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We have a large number of historical photographs for which we need information. If you can tell us anything about the location, or the people in the pictures, we'd really appreciate knowing more.  


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P52.001-   Staff at Algonquin Hotel, 1896. Most of the staff came to work at the hotel from New England, but there were also local workers, including Caddy Norris second row, seated second from right. We would appreciate your help in identifying others in this and other photos.


P135.002 First Algonquin Hotel in 1905 (William Notman Photograph). The hotel was built in 1889 and destroyed by fire in 1914.